poniedziałek, 15 stycznia 2018

From brown like chocolate to pink like candy! Sweet woolies! Woop woop! :D

Today is Monday. Blue Monday.
So don`t get too sad and try something extremely sweet :D Like a candy or sth :D
IF NOT... there is alternative way- like PINK CANDY DREADLOCKS :D

There is possibility to make as much as you need.
You can find them at my ETSY SHOP

This set and many others are availeble to order :) And If you would like to have something specially made for you- I`m open for custom orders :)
Just let me know! :)

sobota, 13 stycznia 2018

Ear weights | forest green and black | 100% handmade

In Poland now is winter, with no snow, no lights and no sun :( It`s 100% depression. But- I kanda like this always white sky.
During last few orders, I had questions about this design- green on the top- and black on the bottom.
I was thinking about this design- so I was really happy to make them as custom order for my customers.

So- they have size like the other ones from my shop: 2.7" diameter.
They are made on metal base- with wool inside and yarn / threads outside :)

You can find them in here: MY ETSY SHOP

sobota, 14 października 2017

Autumn ear weights :) |hemp +rowanberry red yarn :) | piercing freaks ;-)

Perfect ear weights for autumn. In warm, beautiful colours. Hemp and rowanberry red yarn - with little black stripes between.
Diameter- 7 cm, so this is "middle" size of my ear weights. :)

Avaible at my Etsy shop ij here ---> CLICK

poniedziałek, 9 października 2017

Green forest and in the middle of summer | 40 DE dreadlocks |

Yes. We have beautiful autumn in here :) Leaves are gold going to be purple- that`s my favourite part of year. But... I had awesome order to make set of dreadlocks which looks like moss. And I did it. And I love it! :D
They are mix of dark brown, brown and shades of green. And they looks like the middle of summer. 
Few photos below and link in HERE to my Etsy shop :)

środa, 23 sierpnia 2017

Wool dreadlocks | 100% handmade | hand dyed :)

there was a while when I was here for the last time.
So- I have for you few new things :) Let me show you a hand dyed wool dreadlocks :)

Creamy wool + turquoise and purple endings :)
More informations in here: MrsWOOLSON_HANDMADE etsy shop

piątek, 3 marca 2017

Green ear weights to bring spring faster ;P

I had really big break on this blog- so I have many things that I can show you! ;)

At first: green ear weights :)
Becouse there is almost spring in here, in Poland <3

About earrings:
diameter: +/- 7cm
made on metal base
wool inside, thread and yarns outside
 black backgroung + light, olive green, dark olive green.

Shipping worldwide ;)

Find them and many others at my Etsy shop: Etsy- MrsWoolsonHandmade

niedziela, 11 września 2016

Creamy white wool dreadlocks | available at etsy :)

Simple design for blonde hair :)

Whole 40 DE woolies are made with creamy white merino wool.
Lenght like 45-55 cm per single ending.

Available in my Etsy shop: Mrs. Woolson Handmade

Open for custom orders for woolies and ear weights :)

wtorek, 6 września 2016

Rusty wool dreadlocks | ginger & turquoise

Lovely rusty guys!

Set of 40 DE wool dreadlocks, made in awesome colours of merino wool :)

About set:
40 DE woolies
45/50cm [20-22 inches] lenght
0,5-1 cm [+/- 0,4 inch] thickness

red brown on the top
tomato red, toffee, cream, green, maroon, purple, turquoise at the endings :)

They are available in my Etsy shop! Click HERE

piątek, 5 sierpnia 2016

wool dreadlocks and wooden beads

Little reminder, I`m still making this kind of things :)
Besides the ear weights, I`m open for custom orders for my wool dreadlocks :)

Check my Etsy, where you can find my works: bullfinch handmade on Etsy

czwartek, 14 lipca 2016

Turquoise Power! | ear weights for streached ears | kolczyki do tuneli :)

They are really well thread wrapped :)
Black base made with yarn and threads in adorable colours: 

purple, deep-dark turquoise, light turquoise and light mint- in the middle :)
Thay are 7 cm diameter, made on metal base. 

This pair and much more are available on my Etsy shop in HERE

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