środa, 20 maja 2015

Wool dreadlocks, woolies, woolen dreads- make your head fluffy and unique!

Fresh dreadlocs set of old colours combination :)

Feeling blue 

Emotikon wink
I really like this set. Sometimes I even think, that I would like to have this kind of woolies on my head instead of natural dreads. And that option that you can change them every time you want :)
Sometimes part of us really enjoy the dreads on someones head, but is to scared or undecided to make by themselves. I think that dreadlocks are great solution for those kind people- you can just check- are dreads for you?! :) So easly!

Set of 50DE woolen dreadlocks.
Lenght: 55-60cm
Thickness: less than 1cm.
Open for orders!


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