piątek, 28 sierpnia 2015

Earrings for streached ears / plugs

Earrings for plugs / gauges / streached ears :)

Gold and Black combination ;)
Size- diameter +/- 6,5-7cm
Made on metal base with many of layers of yarn/ mouline. 

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sobota, 22 sierpnia 2015

Dread Art | photography made by Guzik Prawda

as I said- I have more Autumn colours, but... not with my earrings- just on pictures. ;)
These are made and re-touch by me (of course in Adobe Photoshop) :)
Dreadlocks and hair- style was made by Ewa Lickiewicz from Ewa Dread`less.
I love this Fall colours- shades of yellow, brown and red.

And as Ned Stark was used to say... winter is coming. ;)

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hear you soon!

piątek, 21 sierpnia 2015

Handmade earrings for streached ears

Hello :)
Wish you like the Autumn, which is coming to us ;) (I love it!)

But- in here I have for you new earrings for plugs/ streached ears :)
And they are blue, as memories about summer :D I think next ones will be in yellow autumn colours :) What you think?

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see you soon!