niedziela, 11 października 2015

Thread wrapped, oversize necklace

I started my handmade journey with something new and fresh for me. With necklaces. 
Thay are made in same style like my earrings for plugs. 

How they are made? 
Inside of the necklace is bold, felted base (of course  handmade). Base is wrapped with many layers of thick yarn. After this I used thinner yarn, to make the necklace surface smooth. The last layer is created with colorful yarns or twine- depend from colours and textures which I wanted to use. Sometimes whole is finished with little pieces of laces. 

The first one is little special, because instead of yarn I used recycled green textile and natural rope. Laces have coffee with milk colour. That makes the whole necklace have organic, earth colour look. 
What is like my favourite :)

This kind of necklaces are pretty big, approximate lenght is 25cm. Big, metal clasp, to make using more comfortable. 

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