niedziela, 29 marca 2015

środa, 25 marca 2015


Who said that clothespin have to be boring and only for laundry. Ok. Nobody. 
But here you can find wooden clothspin in more artistic way. 
Perfect to pin your photos or very important notes Emotikon wink
Avaible on Etsy:

niedziela, 22 marca 2015

Felted, dread necklace

Felted necklace made from one, long and connected woolen dread. 
Colors: ginger, red, tobacco yellow-green, turquoise, little purple, little beige Emotikon smile
Soft thing :) 
If you would like to buy it, you can find it on Etsy:

niedziela, 15 marca 2015

Wool dreadlocks- handmade

Hi everyone!
Little set to make your head more fluffy.
DE woolen dreadlocks:
amount: 10 DE
lenght: more than 60cm
thickness: less than 1cm
Colors: dark brown, carmel brown, chocolate brown

If you have dreads on your head, and you think that more can looks better- that`s nice possibility to make your dreads bigger :)

If you would like to have this one or in other colors, lenght etc- just send me a message on or bu facebook profile:

środa, 4 marca 2015

Sweet, little thing

Whole my little world in one picture. :)
I have great think in my head, to make some felted (of course) red and  turquoise necklace. In forest style :)
Yes, that`s what I want to do :)

See you soon!

niedziela, 1 marca 2015

Wool dreadlocks

another DE wool set with 40 DE dreadlocks.
Lenght: +/- 50cm
Thickness: less than 1cm
Colors: Carmel, milk chockolate, beige Emotikon smile
That`s it! Emotikon smile

Fluffy heads, open for orders!